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August 7, 2009 - 11:50 PM

went exercise yesterdae at the park. was there from 4 to 5. i nearly fainted coz the sun was too hot. so i walked mostly than jogged. it was a gd workout though.

followed my aunt's family to airport to pick up my two german chinese cousins. haappy to see them. nw i am trying to speak german to the little girl coz she is nt so gd in english and i am nt so gd in german. so we can learn frm each other. haha. i havent seen the little cute curly hair cousin of mine for 3 yrs since her last visit. she couldnt recognise us all in the airport but nw shes warming up.

gt a mini party tml at my popohse. so busy saturday tml.

PS: have a great week ahead. cheers!~

July 31, 2009 - 11:06 PM

i have completed the whole IHP. whoo hoo!

i was pretty nervous last monday until i didnt hv appetite to eat lunch. i had been working hard these couple of weeks on the report and project. it was very stressful but i am glad i made thru the presentation.

now i am enjoying my holidays and i am looking for a job. i hope i can find a 3 to 4 mths job. also, i wanna do shoooopiing!!.haha

July 14, 2009 - 1:23 PM

here i am in the sch library. i am sitting nw at the bubble tea area on one of the high chairs. i just had the hotdog for lunch, i am nw sipping coffee milk tea while surfing the net. my two frens are nt here today. haiz. sian.. wat to do.

i have been lazy and busy lately coz of my report n my project wrk. haha. but i try to update at least once a wk. i have one more wk for before the submission on report. stresss!! come on!! i can do it. i cant help but smetimes feel a bit scared coz i am redoing this project. i have a report submission on 20th july and interface submission on 24 july.

ciao for nw!

July 1, 2009 - 4:01 PM

i recently lazy to blog about outing last friday. well, i went out with eliz, jia xuan, wan ting, ruixing and hafizah to celebrate me n xings' belated birthday. then we tried to walk to hort park through mount faber. it was a very adventurous trip, an unforgettable one too. almost all of us were not clad in proper attire for walking. on the way up the stairs, we complained about the hot weather and also so many stairs to climb. serious a lot of stairs to climb. then we pass by the jewel box. the toilet was classy. i like the view. u can see the cable cars going up and down. we nearly went to have a drink at the pub there. sadly, we didnt make it to hort park. haha, but i would love outings because i am game for it. i also happy for my birthday gift, i tot u guys would get Mango for me, but its ok anyway.

honestly i feel like smetimes besides going to shopping malls, its good to come in contact nature and enjoy the scenery. hhm or even go cycling in east coast park. :) i so missed east coast park coz i used to cycle there with my mountain bike every holiday when i was in primary school.

PS(nxt time go to scenery place i must wear proper attire. i had blisters. ew.)

June 26, 2009 - 12:24 AM

finished the book "the fidelity project by susan connelly" from little black dress series at 2am yesterdae. maybe gna start reading the other book that my brother bought for me too; called "the girlfriend curse by valerie frankel".

met eileen today to give her some tips on her little shopping. then i got myself an espirit "butterfly" top and it cost about 60 buck, my heart still aches a bit though. nvm i must spoil myself once a blue moon. haha. she pestered to me to buy coz she said it looks gd on me. last wk i saw an espirit salesgirl at espirit parco junction wearing the top. this top is a mixture of blue tones and red and one of the customers liked it. i tried it on and it looked nice. i have been looking for this kind of butterfly top but i just couldnt find a nice one. haha. she told me to buy it coz theres nowhere else that hv such nice design. i didnt expect myself to buy tis top in this outlet instead.

lol :) thks babe. i enjoyed myself with ur company, we should have taken photos. and honestly ,u look gorgeous than ur "look alike" in my eyes, sweetie. hahah. so faster go apply SIA! muahaha :P

cant wait for the outing later on. miss all the yakking and laughing with the other 5 ladies.

June 24, 2009 - 11:10 PM

going out wif eileen tml to walk around. meet the girls on friday for our outing. smebody is so excited. hahah. the name starts wif an 'E'. i cant wait to crap too. hahah. i miss the laughing! :)

June 17, 2009 - 11:28 PM

recently i had a funny dream. i dreamt tat my mum gave me a $50 extra on top of my angbao. haha. must be i always thinking of about saving more money. i told my brother and my mum. then my brother laughed. coincidentally my mum gave me $50 allowance.lol

then today went to watch monster vs alien wif martin n mel, watch wif my dear cousins. they asked me a cute answer, while eating lunch. ok! melvin is sec 1 and martin is pri 5. they asked me whether i gt a boyfriend, then i said dun have la. they didnt seem convinced, one said are you sure?..then the other asked me who is mk? then i said mk is an irritating fella. lol!~